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Your Whole Body

Your Whole Body

Introducing the proper names for genitals in a natural and seamless way.

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Your Whole Body is an inclusive book for children about the entire body, from head to toes, and everything in between!

Although many parents know the importance of teaching their children the proper names for genitals, some find it difficult and uncomfortable saying or using the words themselves. 

Your Whole Body helps parents teach their children the names for their genitals in a comfortable and natural way by seamlessly weaving in the explanations and illustrations for private parts as the book explores the body from head to toes.

Why Knowing the Names for Genitals Matters

It Keeps Kids Safe

Knowing the proper names for genitals is a critical body safety skill for young children. An adult is more likely to understand what happened to a child who reports if the child uses the correct words. Perpetrators are also less likely to offend against children who know the proper names.

It Starts the Conversation

Toddlers are curious about their bodies. When you answer your toddler's questions openly and honestly, they learn that you are shame-free source of accurate information. When they reach puberty, they'll be more likely to ask you their questions rather than asking their friends or the internet.

It Promotes Body Positivity

The nicknames parents use for genitals often imply that genitals are shameful. When you teach your child their proper names, you remove the idea that this integral part of their body is bad. Research indicates that a positive body image supports physical health and psychological well-being.

Recommended Age

2-6 years

Product Details

- Paperback
- Dimensions: 21.6cm x 21.6cm
- Page Count: 44 pages

Awards, Accolades & Media Reviews

- Winner of the 2022 AASECT Book Award for Children under 18 years old.

"Finally, a book that weaves in the correct terminology for genitals with all other body parts.Your Whole Body will teach children the names of the body parts from head to toe, normalising words that are often uncomfortable for adults to say." - Feather Berkower, LCSW, Child Sexual Assault Prevention Educator and Author

"This book hits all the marks for providing accurate, inclusive, shame-free body literacy education! The illustrations are diverse, include representation of different abilities, and the book does not gender bodies." - Melissa Carnagey, LBSW, Sex Educator and Author

"The way the book is laid out makes it very natural to feature genitalia in a shame-free and anatomically correct way. Lizzie gets it right! I definitely recommend this book for their abuse prevention library."
Rosalia Rivera, Consent Educator and Abuse Prevention Expert

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