My Story

Get to know Laura, the mummy behind Our Mindful Children.


Hello, my name is Laura and I am married to my husband Dinesh, and mummy to our three year old, Adeline (and of course our fur baby, Heidi).

Having gone through IVF, a very difficult pregnancy and what continues to be a difficult postpartum period, my life and work priorities changed, and I finally decided to take the plunge and start the business that had been at the back of my mind for several years.

My love for teaching my daughter new things, and watching her develop and learn new skills, as well as my strong desire to do everything possible to help her grow into an emotionally intelligent individual, who is resilient, kind and self-aware made it an easy decision to focus my business on supporting the emotional development and well-being of our children.

I am also really passionate about body safety education, as well as encouraging and supporting parents to create an environment where they can have open, honest and shame-free conversations with their children to become the go-to, safe and accurate source of information their children need as they develop.

All of the products I have curated for Our Mindful Children have this as their ultimate goal and I hope you will find them as enjoyable and invaluable as I do.