An introduction to Consent & Body Safety Education with


Free Consent and Body Safety Education Series

If you would like to understand more about consent and body safety education, and how to educate and empower your child, I have created a series of FREE educational videos to help you get started.

The first video provides an overview and includes a little bit of everything, whilst lessons 1-5 break consent and body safety education into 5 parts and covers the crucial topics in greater detail.

Click each link below to be taken to the videos.

Consent and Body Safety Education Series

Video Link Topic
An Overview   A one hour overview and introduction into consent and body safety education. Where to start and the basics of important topics to cover with your children.
Lesson 1 An introduction to consent and body safety education
Lesson 2 Consent, Body Boundaries and Body Autonomy
Lesson 3 Safety Networks and Early Warning Signs
Lesson 4 Private Part Safety
Lesson 5 Secret Safety, Grooming Behaviours, and how to educate your child about illicit content