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Mindset Matters Cards

Mindset Matters Cards

Helping your child develop a positive sense of self.

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Help your child develop a positive sense of self with these beautiful affirmation cards.

Did you know that according to the National Science foundation, approximately 80% of the thousands of thoughts the average person has each day are negative, and that 95% of our thoughts are repetitive?

Affirmations are helpful, motivational statements that help children to interrupt negative thinking patterns, build a positive self-image and boost self-esteem. 

These affirmation cards can be used to positively kick start the day, when challenging situations arise or spontaneously, to support positive wiring of your child's developing mindset.They have been split into colour categories with a special focus on the following areas: 

Growth Mindset
Confidence and Self-Esteem 
Anxiety Relief

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- Made in United Kingdom

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Kate Thomas
Beautiful cards with so many uses!

I bought these cards to use with my students through the emotional well-being work I do. We use them in so many different ways. But my daughter who’s 4 1/2 was intrigued by them so we had a look at them - we picked one card to talk about: “I am loved” and I asked who loves her. She listed so many people. Then I asked so is this true for you? She said yes. Such simple cards that can promote empowerment for your kids!