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Little BIG Chats - Complete Bundle *PREORDER* (expected within 1-2 weeks)

Little BIG Chats - Complete Bundle *PREORDER* (expected within 1-2 weeks)

Making Big Chats Easy

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Save money and support your children with this  Complete Little Big Chats Bundle which includes all 12 books!

This series has been written to assist parents, caregivers and educators to have open and age-appropriate conversations with early learners around crucial, and yet at times, ‘tough’ topics. And what better way than using children’s picture books!

Some pages will have questions for your child to interact with and discuss. Feel free to use these questions and the Discussion Questions provided on the inside back cover of each book to help you assist your child with the topic being explored. Stop at any time to unpack the text together; and try to follow your child’s lead wherever that conversation may take you!

  • Empathy: Exploring the meaning of empathy and kindness
  • I Always Try: Developing a growth mindset of resilience and persistence
  • Feelings: Understanding different feelings and emotions
  • Everyone is Equal: Introducing the importance of gender equality and diversity
  • Around the World: Celebrating the importance of racial equality and diversity
  • Mindfulness: Exploring the importance of mindfulness and learning calming skills
  • Families: Celebrating diversity in families
  • Consent: Introducing consent and body boundaries
  • My Safety Network: Introducing a Safety Network (3 to 5 trusted adults a child can go to if they feel unsafe)
  • My Early Warning Signs: Exploring Early Warning Signs and what to do if a child experiences these signs
  • Private Parts are Private: Learning private parts are private and what to do if touched inappropriately
  • Secrets and Surprises: Learning the difference between secrets and surprises


  • develops language skills
  • develops reading skills 
  • introduces diversity and inclusion around the world
  • opens your child’s mind to different cultures
  • offers an opportunity to bond and have meaningful conversations with you child


  • 12 books 
  • Paperback
  • Each book includes extra discussion notes and ideas at the back to help you get the most out of each page

The Body Safety titles should ideally be read in the following order:
Consent, My Safety Network, My Early Warning Signs, Private Parts are Private, and Secrets and Surprises. The remaining titles can be read in any order.


Recommended Age

2-6 years

Product Details

- Paperback
- Includes all 12 books from the Little BIG Chats series

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lucille Sharpe
Books that inform and inspire!

Little BIG chats, is a simply fantastic series of books that not only cover topics, that help support a child's understanding of the world, and how to keep themselves and others safe. What more could a parent or carer ask for?

These books are beautifully designed, with equally beautiful illustrations, I will continue to buy from Ourmindfulchildren!

Amazing books!!

As someone who had zero clue about how to effectively talk through these important subjects with my little boy , these books have been such a godsend. They’ve helped me to create a lovely two way narrative and we’ve really enjoyed reading each one of them. They are beautifully illustrated and the stories are easy for my 6 year old to relate to. Every parent needs these books in their kids books collection.

Maria Watters
Little big chats bundle

Ordered 4 weeks ago. Still not received. No response from emails

Kate Thomas
Every house needs this collection

These books are so beautiful and simple yet so empowering and valuable to help your child know their voice matters and their feelings matter. Sometimes these conversations don’t come easy to us especially if we weren’t taught about feelings, body safety and about different cultures. These books promote acceptance, awareness, openness, understanding and resilience. I highly recommend them!

Age appropriate awareness

Really happy with the books, my daughter (2yrs) loves them too. She is very interested in the cartoons and although subjects she will take some time to grasp they truly are age appropriate.