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Little BIG Chats - Consent

Little BIG Chats - Consent

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Introducing consent and body boundaries.

The Little BIG Chats series has been written to assist parents, caregivers and educators to have open and age-appropriate conversations with early learners around crucial, and yet at times, ‘tough’ topics. And what better way than using children’s picture books!

Some pages will have questions for your child to interact with and discuss. Feel free to use these questions and the Discussion Questions provided on the inside back cover of each book to help you assist your child with the topic being explored. Stop at any time to unpack the text together; and try to follow your child’s lead wherever that conversation may take you!

Recommended Age

2-6 years

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- Dimensions: 21.59 x 21.59 cm
- Page Count: 22

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic book

I’d been searching for a while to find an age appropriate book about body boundaries for my 3 year old, I couldn’t find one that was straight to the point , easy to understand and used the correct language, until I came across this book. The topic of consent and body boundaries is so important to me, and I’m so glad I found this book. Thank you so much!!


Having grown up around a multicultural group of family and friends, of old ways and new, with a Mum who worked for Social Services, I was always taught that even though I was a child, boundaries, rules and feelings work both ways, and adults should respect children as much as children respect adults. No emotion should be forced. Great. Trying to explain this to my daughters, I found to be incredibly tricky. I couldn't quite put it into words, this set of books has helped explain and illustrate it brilliantly.

I now am taking these books whenever we see family and friends who don't quite have the same understanding of personal space, or are easily offended if a child doesn't want to hug or kiss them hello on their demand.

It makes my life much smoother communicating things to my daughters and people, and if they don't understand what's being said they can see it.

The books are lovely, detailed, have a parent advice hit at the back, the illustrations aren't just there for use they're actually engaging and stunning.

And the lady who sells them has been second to non in helping me select the right books for what I was wanting to work with my daughters on.

I have no faults, just absolute compliments.