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Kind Kids - Activity Cards

Kind Kids - Activity Cards

Raising Kind Kids

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Discover all the forms kindness can take with this pack of fifty unique games, crafts and mindfulness activities to help kids develop empathy and respect for themselves, their loved ones and the wider world.

Written by preschool mindfulness experts Dr. Helen Maffini and Whitney Stewart, the cards include hands-on solo and group activities perfect for home or classroom use and beyond.

    The pack includes 50 activity cards across 5 categories:
    - Kind to yourself
    - Kind with family
    - Kind with friends
    - Kind to community
    - Kind to nature 

    Recommended Age

    4-10 years

    Product Details

    - Dimensions: 185 x 138 x 31 mm (cards: 177 x 126 mm)
    - 50 cards + 8 page booklet

    Awards, Accolades & Media Reviews

    - Parents’ Favourite Product Award Winner, Tillywig Toy & Media Award, 2022

    “This beautifully-executed set and all its contents are wonderfully accessible, impactful, and much needed. We can’t praise Kind Kids highly enough!” – Tillywig Toy & Media Awards

    “Essential for every home and classroom!” – Elizabeth Joy Erwin, Ed.D., professor at Montclair State University

    “There’s maybe never been a more important time to teach kindness and mindfulness to cultivate community. Helen Maffini and Whitney Stewart offer wonderful fun practices for just that!” – Chris Willard, author, clinical psychologist & professor at Harvard Medical School

    “Kind Kids cards offer children and their caring adults a treasure trove of ways to practice kindness—gratitude, affirmations, empathy, teamwork, sharing, caring, etc. A must-have resource for home or school libraries” – Rana DiOrio, award-winning author of What Does It Mean To Be Kind?

    “I absolutely love this set of cards . . . an excellent resource for parents, teachers and those who work with children” – Louise Shanagher, children’s therapist, psychology lecturer & mindfulness teacher

    “Warmth and care glow from every page, encouraging parents, teachers and children to find practical ways of bringing a more mindful and heartful awareness into any moment of daily life” – Kevin Hawkins & Amy Burke, co-founders of and authors of The Mindful Teacher’s Toolkit

    “Inspiring prompts for parents and children to do together, making kindness part of your daily routine for joyful families & communities” – Priyanka Handa Ram, Social Impact Entrepreneur, Learn To Play

    “Snazzy, exciting, stimulating, easy to deliver activities to promote kindness in the world” – Clair Watson, educational consultant and trainer

    “What a delight to have this card deck to inspire new activities with the entire family” – Dr. Susan Pollak, Harvard Medical School, co-founder of the Center for Mindfulness and Compassion, Author of Self Compassion for Parents

    “Beautifully considered and illustrated, this set helps us to care for ourselves, each other and the planet. Helen and Whitney’s Kind Kids offers practical and inspiring activities that meet us just where we are — and just as we are” – Dr. Orlaith O’Sullivan, International Coordinator, Wake Up Schools

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