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Whatever Comes Tomorrow

Whatever Comes Tomorrow

Empowering and encouraging your child to face what may come with calm confidence.

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This beautiful keepsake book is a must have for every child's collection.

We might not know what the future holds, but the lyrical rhyming text in this beautiful book reassures readers that they have the resilience and strength to face whatever comes their way. Empower and encourage children to face what may come with calm confidence.

Whimsical illustrations make for a captivating read-aloud or bedtime story. Inspired by the author’s own experience with anxiety, this book offers gentle wisdom applicable to both children and adults. The back of the book includes a discussion guide and activity ideas for managing worries.

Recommended Age

3-9 years

Product Details

- Hardback
- Product Dimensions: 255 mm x 247 mm
- Page Count: 32 pages

Awards, Accolades & Media Reviews

“An inspiring, visually appealing read filled with tools to help manage uncertainty” – Kirkus Reviews

“In rhymes that first acknowledge and then reassure, Gardyn Levington counsels fortitude in the face of the unknown” – Publishers Weekly

“It’s a book I have read over and over, and each time I do it feels brand new. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful” – Matthew Winner, podcaster & reviewer

“What a beautiful, lyrical, inclusive way to empower and encourage children to face what may come with calm confidence that they can overcome challenges and look forward to tomorrow” – Kit Little, executive administrator of the New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association (NAIBA)

“Great book, beautifully illustrated with a variety of characters for students to relate to. Perfect for helping students calm their worries and putting these worries into perspective” – Christy Stock, library media specialist

“Whatever Comes Tomorrow belongs in the offices of every school counselor and child therapist” – Donna Cangelosi, Psy.D. Child Psychologist

“As a psychotherapist, I cannot recommend this book highly enough” – Lisa Perron, LICSW., psychotherapist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, particularly in the treatment of anxiety

“Whatever Comes Tomorrow is a timely addition to children’s literature given the critical need to increase focus on children’s mental health” – Carrie Spindel Bashoff, PsyD

“This beautifully illustrated book offers a reminder that it is okay to feel worried, scared, or unsure while fostering resilience and gently encouraging young children to face their fears” – Rachel Merson, Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Customer Reviews

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Just beautiful! Such a wonderful book to have for any moments of worry my son has.